Faculty Alumni

Did you know close to half of our faculty and staff are John Carroll alumni?

Some of our JCHS faculty alumni are pictured above:

Mrs. Jeannie Christopher, class of 1987
Mrs. Becky Stafford-Jones, class of 1988
Director of Campus Ministry Jennie Hoeffner-Capezza, class of 1992
Mrs. Karen Vercillo, class of 1993
Guidance Counselor Mrs. Melissa Richmond-McWhorter, class of 1995
Coach Hebb, class of 1996
Principal Corey Collins-Heroux, class of 2004
Director of Development Jayne Johnson-Platts, class of 2009
Ms. Ashley Kimmelman, class of 2009
Mrs. Ihla Stanton-Osking, class of 2010