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In 1926, Bishop Patrick Barry of the Diocese of St. Augustine requested that St. Anastasia School be opened and staffed by the Dominican Sisters of Adrian, Michigan. Father Gabriel was the acting pastor at St. Anastasia at that time. Three Dominican sisters comprised the first faculty. The sisters went on to represent St. Anastasia until 2010 and John Carroll until 2001.

The first graduating high school class was in 1936 with five students. The school separated into an elementary school and high school in 1960. The high school, formerly referred to as St. Anastasia Parish High School, changed its name to Central Catholic High School in 1963 with a new building constructed on Delaware Avenue.

With the vision of Monsignor Michael Beerhalter, who succeeded Father Gabriel, the high school was then renamed again in 1965 to John Carroll High School. The name was derived from Pope John XXIII and Bishop Coleman Carroll. John Carroll became a regional/diocesan high school in 1965 and was part of the Diocese of Orlando. The Diocese of Palm Beach was created in 1984, and John Carroll became one of its three diocesan high schools.

John Carroll is governed by a school pastor/president and a principal. The bishop is the owner of the school and appoints the superintendent of schools.

Bishop: Most Reverend Gerald M. Barbarito

Superintendent: Gary Gelo

Assistant Superintendent: John Clarke

Historical Leadership

John Carroll Presidents:

Monsignor Beerhalter until 1970s
Father Edward McCarthy, 1972-75
Father Michael Woodcock, 1975-78 and 2001-02
Father Hugh Duffy, 1978-80
Father David Acker, 1980-87
Father Mark Christopher, 1987-88
Father Mark Szanyi, 1988-1997
Rev. Thomas Barrett, 2002-present

John Carroll Principals:

Sister Jean Elizabeth, 1964-72
Susan Taggart, 1972-76
Sister Paul Emelia Brown, 1976-1982
Clyde Russell, 1982-2005
Ben Hopper, 2005-2018
Corey Heroux, 2018-present