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APPLICANT CRITERIA: Applicants must present and maintain an exemplary academic and disciplinary record.  Transfer applicants must have completed or be on track to complete, within the traditional Academic Calendar (August-May), the required credits for their current grade level. In addition, transfer applicants must maintain an unweighted grade point average (UGPA) of 2.5 or better with no grade lower than a “C.”  JCHS does not accept applications from students who elect to/must repeat a high school grade.  

JCHS has specific graduation requirements, our transfer students must have the class credits needed to transfer from another school. Senior transfers are rarely considered due to our graduation requirements.  However, under certain circumstances, students attending a Catholic High School and/or relocating to the area may be considered for admission.  

APPLICATION PROCESS: Applications for new students open in October of each year.  To complete our online application, the following academic documents are required to be uploaded during the application process, or you can request that your current school provide them.  It is the applicant’s responsibility to see that all of the requested documents are received.

  • Birth certificate. 
  • Copy of standardized test scores (PSAT, FSA, iReady, Terra Nova).
  • Copy of the applicant’s transcript, most recent report card, and final report card for the previous school year.
  • If applicable, a copy of an Individual Education Plan (IEP), 504, or Psycho-Educational Evaluation.
  • Applicant photo.
  • Credit card information for submitting the application fee.

IMMUNIZATIONS: The Diocese of Palm Beach requires that, prior to attendance in school, each student present or have on file with the school a certificate of immunization for the prevention of those communicable diseases for which immunization is required by the Department of Health.  A  Florida Certificate of Immunization (Form DH 680) completed by a healthcare provider participating in Florida Shots is required to document the administration of prescribed immunization doses or to document a permanent or temporary exemption therefrom.  An exemption from immunization requirements is permissible only with a physician’s certification as to the need for either a temporary or permanent medical exemption.  An exemption from immunization requirements is not permissible for religious, philosophical, personal, or other reasons.

HIGH SCHOOL PLACEMENT TEST (HSPT): All freshman applicants are required to take the HSPT. A submitted application automatically registers your child for the HSPT. The HSPT is designed specifically to aid with admissions, scholarship selection, and curriculum placement for students entering high school.  While the results of this test are not the sole factor in admissions decisions, a high score can make your application rise to the top. Alternatively, students who score below the 50th percentile on the exam may be required to provide additional academic information before being considered. 

The HSPT is offered at our partner schools (St. A’s, SHCS, SJCS) during a regular school day in December.  The official HSPT date is the first Saturday in December. Only freshman applicants who sit for the test in December will be eligible for scholarships. A confirmation email will be sent to each applicant after receiving an application with additional details regarding the HSPT.  

SPECIAL EDUCATION PROGRAM: John Carroll High School does not discriminate against students with disabilities. John Carroll High School does not have a Special Education program. We have a full-time Academic Support Coordinator who may provide reasonable accommodations for a child as appropriate and available. The request for accommodations must be submitted in writing with a psychological-educational evaluation prepared by a certified education specialist or school psychologist within 3-5 years. The school will then evaluate if it can meet the designated needs and accommodations for that particular student.

A delay in disclosing a student’s disability and/or accommodation request may delay or impede the school’s ability to make certain adjustments. Parents/Guardians are therefore strongly encouraged to disclose student disabilities and request accommodations during the application process.  

COMPLETED APPLICATIONS: Offer letters will be emailed in early February to students who have completed the application process and meet our admission criteria. After that, we will be on rolling admission until classes are at capacity.  

After a class is full or enrollment is not completed timely, applicants that meet the admissions criteria will be placed in our prospect pool.

Transfer applicants will be considered for August and January transfers and will only be reviewed once a completed application is received.

All new students to JCHS are admitted on a 90-day probationary period. 



  • October 16th New Student Applications Open for 2024-2025 SY 
  • November 8th Open House Event 
  • November 24th Application Due Date to Qualify for *Tuition Drawing Criteria 
  • November 28th Freshmen Free Tuition Drawing 
  • November 29th Last day to register for the Dec 2nd placement test (freshmen only)
  • December 2nd High School Placement Test at JCHS
  • January 9th Scholarship Applications Open (SUFS in Spring)
  • February 5th Notice of Acceptance Sent   
  • February 28th Priority Enrollment Deadline *Tuition Drawing Criteria 
  • March 8th Freshmen $1,000 Tuition Discount Drawing   
  • April 5th JCHS Freshmen Scholarship Application Deadline 
  • May 24th New Student Official Welcome Package Mailed