Campus Ministry


“Guided by our Catholic faith and tradition, we recognize Jesus Christ as the model for the whole person we seek to develop. Our mission is to inspire the pursuit of educational excellence, foster character formation, develop a commitment to service, and affirm the dignity of each student entrusted to our care.”

Campus Ministry seeks to complement the religious education our students receive through their religion courses during their four years at John Carroll. Through Campus Ministry, students have the opportunity to grow in faith through the celebration and adoration of the Holy Eucharist, days of reflection, retreats, and prayers services. Students are also invited to discover their unique gifts and talents by serving their school and community in various ways through the JCHS Christian Service Interact Club (CSI).

The Campus Ministry Office is located in the 300’s hallway.

Our School Chapel is located the main hallway. The Chapel may be visited any time the building is open. Please stop by any time for quiet prayer and reflection.

We live in a fast-paced society in which life-changing experiences are not always supported and encouraged. It is in these times that we, as parents and educators, must be counter-cultural and encourage our children to take the valuable time to participate in faith-filled opportunities that strengthen their personal relationship with God. With God’s guidance, we can work together to guide our sons and daughters down the path of righteousness and toward the truth that God wants each of them to hear.

Thank you for supporting and praying for us!
Mrs. Jennie Capezza
Director of Campus Ministry and John Carroll Alumna