FORT PIERCE – Across the country, millions of families are experiencing changes in their finances due to COVID-19, with families along the Treasure Coast being no different. In support of its current and potential families, John Carroll High School is pleased to share updated scholarship requirements to the state-funded scholarship program, Step Up for Students.

John Carroll began accepting Step Up for Students in 2012. Roughly half of its students receive some type of tuition assistance.

The novel coronavirus pandemic brought changes to scholarship stipulations, expanding availability to more families. Step Up recognizes any changes in income due to COVID-19, and 2019 income tax forms are not required at this time. Starting July 1, 2020, once one qualifies for this scholarship, they will not need to qualify again, regardless of income.

Step Up for Students offers various scholarships for families interested in sending their children to John Carroll, including the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship, the Family Empowerment Scholarship and the Gardiner Scholarship. The Florida legislature created the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program to assure children would have more learning options outside of traditional public schools, and The Gardiner Scholarship was created for students with special learning needs. The Family Empowerment Scholarship was created in May of 2019 for students currently enrolled in the public school system who would like to transfer to a private school.

One may qualify for the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship if they have five family members in their household and make less than $79,768. If a family of five has a household income of $92,040 or less, they would qualify for the Family Empowerment Scholarship.

“John Carroll is a family, and we want our current and potential families to know we are here to support them in sending their children to our school,” said Manny Berdayes, John Carroll High School director of finance. “We do not want tuition to affect their decision in sending their children to John Carroll.”

Additional information about Step Up for Students for Catholic schools in Florida can be found at Contact the John Carroll Finance Department by emailing Mr. Berdayes at [email protected].

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