Graduation Requirements

John Carroll High School Graduation Requirements (as of July 2020):   

Religious Studies

4 credits


4 credits


4 credits (Algebra I and Geometry required)*


4 credits – Class of 2023 forward

(Biology required)

Social Studies

4 credits (Class of 2023: World History, American History I, American History II, American Government, Economics)


2 credits

Personal Fitness

½ credit

Freshman Seminar (Required of all freshmen beginning with Class of 2023)

½ credit

Fine Arts

1 credit (May include Band, Choir, Theater, Yearbook, and Web Development or Animation)


3 credits (minimum)

*Students must take a math class each year while a student at JCHS, even if the student has already earned 4 credits.

John Carroll students are not permitted to graduate before completion of the eighth semester in their senior year.

Students are encouraged to:

  • Take 3 years or more of Spanish as some colleges do require 3 years.

  • Complete a 4th year of science. This is required beginning with the class of 2023

  • Take the most challenging classes you can, while maintaining the highest GPA you can.

  • Research colleges of interest to determine those colleges’ academic requirements.

Note: Adjustment of credit requirements will be made for transfer students as necessary. The school reserves the right to determine transferred course levels and weighting factors. John Carroll High School cannot remove credits earned by students at other educational institutions. Students who take high school courses in middle school and transfer them in must realize that they are beginning a high school transcript that will affect their high school GPA.