FORT PIERCE – John Carroll High School is commemorating the one-year anniversary of the onset of COVID-19 by applauding the tenacity of its students, faculty and staff, with 2020 being the school’s most unique and challenging year since its establishment in 1965.

Students celebrated the arrival of spring break on Friday, March 13, 2020. A few hours later, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced an emergency order for all schools to close until further notice.

The school quickly transitioned to remote learning and did not return to campus following spring break – or for the remainder of the fourth quarter. The transition to remote learning included a Distance Learning Plan developed by administration that dictated utilizing the school’s 1:1 iPad program and various educational technology platforms and apps.

In planning to safely return to campus in August, administrators remained transparent with families, employees, students and the community during the decision-making process throughout the spring and summer months.

 “It was very different at first, but I feel safe at John Carroll. It is better being on campus than when we were learning virtually last spring,” said Katelyn Nguyen, a John Carroll sophomore. “This school year has felt like a normal year at John Carroll, even though we are in a pandemic.”

“In all of our decision making in the past year, the health and safety of our John Carroll family has been our greatest priority. We have tried hard to balance these safety protocols with providing students as ‘normal’ of a year as we possibly can,” said Corey Heroux, John Carroll High School principal.

Catholic schools across the country notably continued to thrive during the pandemic, as teachers, staff and students were able to safely return to campus for the 2020-2021 school year as scheduled. There were no notable dips in John Carroll’s enrollment, and students were given the option to continue learning remotely with the school’s Innovative Learning (IL) program, providing synchronous instruction between the classroom and home. Safety protocols, such as enhanced cleaning and sanitation procedures, the use of an electrostatic sprayer, social distancing measures, mandatory face coverings, and hand sanitizer stations were put into place, in addition to John Carroll’s standard cleaning protocols.

“I know there is something greater out there and that God was pushing us to step out of our comfort zones. I knew I had to be an example to my children at home, as well as my students via Zoom, so I went with the flow,” said Cyndee Shevak, John Carroll math teacher. “I think John Carroll responded well and our administration was one step ahead trying to be proactive.”

The John Carroll administrative team continues to make the environment as safe – yet normal – as possible.

“Here at John Carroll, we have tried hard to focus on what we cando during the pandemic, rather than on all of the things that we cannot do. The tenacity of our students and our teachers in the face of the adversity caused by the coronavirus has truly been one of the most humbling experiences of my educational career; they are the true heroes of the last year,” Heroux said. “As a school community, we are grateful for God’s many blessings and look forward to the 2021-2022 school year with great hope.”

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About John Carroll High School

John Carroll High School is located in Fort Pierce, Florida, and strives to inspire, foster, develop, and affirm the young people entrusted to its care. It serves its students, alumni, families and the community at large. Rev. Thomas E. Barrett is president and Mrs. Corey Heroux is the principal. For more information about John Carroll High School, please visit or call 772-462-5200. “Like” John Carroll on Facebook, follow on Twitter @JohnCarrollHS and follow on Instagram @johncarrollhighschool.