Learning Resource Program/ESE

Learning Resource Program/ESE at John Carroll

John Carroll High School recognizes each student as a unique individual created in the image of God and strives to provide all students with the support needed to be self-advocates and faith-filled life-long learners. To this end, the St. Thomas Aquinas Learning Resource Program will support diverse learners in both Scholars programs and is not a separate or self-contained program. The goal for this program is to provide students in need of accommodations with the additional academic support and tools in order to be most successful in John Carroll’s college preparatory environment.

Meet our Learning Resource teacher!

Mrs. Jeannie Christopher is John Carroll’s full-time learning resource teacher. She is a graduate of John Carroll and Florida State University. Mrs. Christopher is able to make accommodations for students, including individualized education programs (IEP), accommodations plans and learning prescriptions. Please contact Mrs. Christopher at [email protected] with any questions.

How does one qualify for the St. Thomas Aquinas Learning Resource Program?

In order to qualify for the St. Thomas Aquinas Learning Resource Program, a student must meet the qualifications below:

  • The student must have an existing Individual Education Plan (IEP) or Section 504 Accommodation Plan, which must be submitted to the school with the student’s admissions materials
  • The student must have an up-to-date psychological-educational evaluation completed within the last 3 years by a licensed psychologist that indicates that the student has a diagnosed learning issue
  • The student’s scores on the High School Placement Test must verify the need for learning resources services
  • If a student does not meet the above qualifications yet is deemed in need of additional support services, he/she can be placed in the St. Thomas Aquinas Learning Resource Program by the JCHS administration

Please note that there are services that may fall outside of the scope of this program and may be discussed individually which each family.

In order to be eligible for the McKay Scholarship Program, a student must apply through the state of Florida Office of School Choice prior to withdrawing from a public school.

What services and benefits will the St. Thomas Aquinas Learning Resource Program provide?

The St. Thomas Aquinas Learning Resource Program will provide students with numerous services and benefits, including:

  • Learning, study, test taking, organization, and note taking strategies through study skills classes
  • The creation of academic support plans indicating individual accommodations for students with documented disabilities
  • Student Success Team (SST) meetings partnering with parents, teachers, and the learning resource teacher in order to monitor a student’s progress and create strategies for success
  • Access to the afterschool “Homework Club” program for additional support and tutoring, lead by the school’s resource teacher
  • Assistance with applying for extended time testing for college entrance exams, such as the ACT and SAT
  • Preparation for the PERT exam, required for entry into IRSC
  • Mandatory Study Skills classes built into the student’s schedule during their freshman and sophomore years
  • Access to Intensive Reading and entry-level math courses as needed