Meet TCPalm’s 2022-23 Girls Weightlifting All-Area Team

First Team:
Isabella Ramirez
Year: Sophomore
Highlights: Ramirez won district and regional titles in the unlimited division and at the state tournament brought home a fourth place finish in 1A with lifts of 130 pounds on the snatch and 190 pounds for the clean-and-jerk for a 320-pound total.
Mikale Lemons
Year: Sophomore
Highlights: Lemons was a district champion in both the Olympic and traditional lifts and at the state tournament finished 15th in the Olympic lifts and was also 15th in the traditional lifts in 1A at 154 pounds.
Honorable Mention:
Alani Moody, sophomore, 183 pounds
Evemya Joesph, freshman, 183 pounds
Ariadne Rodriguez, sophomore, 183 pounds