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Important: Lunch Account Updates


All students will be given a letter containing their school ID and their Eccogen Pin (lunch account pin) during their Orientation.
Please note that accounts will not be active until noon today (Tuesday) for loading funds.
A note from our Principal, Mr. Hopper, regarding the lunch accounts:
We are excited about continuing with the cashless system for our cafeteria. In this letter, you will find your student's unique ID and PIN numbers. Please do not share the information with other students. On Wednesday, August 21, 2013, students will have to purchase their own food using their unique ECCOGEN PIN. Please make sure that you create an account for your child, so he/she can buy lunch on August 21, 2013. Students will not be able to purchase lunch unless there is money available in their account. Monies can be added only through the school lunch account website or through their mobile app. There is a link to on our website at If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Carter, our Business Manager.

***All Eccogen PINS should be 4 digits. If the PIN you received was shorter, please add a leading zero (or two) to make the PIN 4 digits.

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