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John Carroll High School FAQ for the month of August:


Q- What is Mastery Connect?
A-JCHS recently implemented a program called Mastery Connect. This advanced testing system will allow teachers to assess students on their mastery of skills providing instant test scores with rating levels corresponding to the studentís abilities. Mastery Connect will allow teachers to provide timely feedback when grading assignments, as well as advanced assessments of the studentís proficiencies.

Q- What is Naviance?
A- John Carroll High School will be implementing a new program entitled Naviance within the next few weeks. Naviance is a fully-integrated platform designed to help raise student accountability and performance across a number of key indicators leading to increased engagement, improvements in academic performance, and overall workplace and college readiness. The program components are career planning, college planning, success planning, naviance course planner and naviance eDocs (allows us to send transcripts electronically). In addition, Naviance Prep-Me is an adaptive learning platform for test preparation that diagnoses individual strengths and weaknesses and creates a personalized plan based on the studentís needs and timelines.

Q- Does JCHS offer driverís education classes?
A-JC has offered the classes in the past, but there was not a large enough response to warrant having a class.

Q- What events can be seen on Rams TV?
A- Currently, Mark Green and Marissa Daigle film the football and volleyball games. We will expand these offerings in the future as more people are trained on the equipment. Graduation was featured last year and will once again be filmed due to the overwhelming interest from parents and families.

Q- If a student had money on the old lunch account, will it be transferred to the new system?

Q- Does JCHS use Apple Macbooks?
A-Yes, JCHS purchased 30 Mac Workbooks and a portable cart. The computers will be used in classes and will be incorporated into lesson plans starting this year

Q- Are the student iPads backed up on iCloud?

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