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Do students like our technology?


Mrs. Shevak asked her match student’s to answer the question “Why this year is or isn't better with the new technology” yesterday. The responses have been overwhelmingly positive and a few of the direct quotes are shown below.
“This year is better with the iPads because it kept me more organized and made studying easier. The app Notability is my favorite one to take notes on. I like how I can make different binders for each subject and can make topics for each subject. It makes homework easier because i can hold all seven subjects of homework in one object, (the iPad!) plus it makes homework a lot more fun.”
- Megan D'Ambrosio
“This year is better with the new tech because more resources are readily available. Studing is much easier to accomplish. It is also easier to bring to and from class than a stack of books. I really enjoy having an iPad. Even this email was easier to type rather than write!”
- Lainey Williams
“I like how I can do a lot more activities on the ipad to improve my memory with certain things...”
- Mia Stagnitta
“I personally like the iPads this year because, in my opinion, it is a better and more fun learning experience, it's manages my time better, and I am doing over all better in school regarding learning and a more positive experience in high school.”
- Emily Syrop

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