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JCHS is proud to be preparing its students for the expected Bright Future's changes.


JCHS is proud to be preparing its students for the expected Bright Future's changes.

1. John Carroll is taking the time to educate and inform all of its students and families of the changes to Bright Futures requirements. Reminding the students of the GPA and testing requirements will allow them to prepare for the future and plan accordingly.

2. New England Test Prep is the program JCHS has been utilizing for the past four years. It is test preparation program that is incorporated into classroom work (English and Math) on a weekly basis and also features an online component. Test strategies and online diagnostics are shared with the students, plus students are encouraged to do additional work through identifying what skills need to be worked on the most.

3. JCHS recently implemented a program called Mastery Connect. This advanced testing system will allow teachers to assess students on their mastery of skills providing instant test scores with rating levels corresponding to the students' abilities. Mastery Connect will allow teachers to provide timely feedback when grading assignments, as well as advanced assessments of the students' proficiencies.

4. John Carroll High School has also recently implemented a new program entitled Naviance. Naviance is a fully-integrated platform designed to help raise student accountability and performance across a number of key indicators leading to increased engagement, improvements in academic performance, and overall workplace and college readiness. The program components are career planning, college planning, success planning, and features a naviance course planner, and naviance eDocs (allows JCHS to send transcripts electronically). Students, families, and counselors can develop comprehensive roadmaps for success that allow schools to create individualized course plans, facilitate the college application process, survey students, and report and track outcomes of their entire student population. The Naviance platform offers a variety of solutions that enable students and families to collaborate more effectively with counselors and teachers and allow school administrators to optimize student potential and learning outcomes.

5. JCHS also subscribed recently to Naviance Prep-Me. This is an adaptive learning platform for test preparation that diagnoses individual strengths and weaknesses and creates a personalized plan based on the student's needs and timelines. PrepMe is a personalized, adaptive learning solution that allows students to focus on the skills needed to maximize their PSAT, SAT, and/or ACT scores. PrepMe gives schools the ability to deliver individualized test prep and skill-building tools that meets the unique needs of each student.

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