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Please read this exciting note from our Athletic Director, Steve Ripley,


Please read this exciting note from our Athletic Director, Steve Ripley,

"It is that time again for me to nominate our sports teams that have at least a team gpa of 3.0. And I am proud to announce that that 8 out of the 9 teams that participate in the fall could be nominated.

There are a couple exceptions based on the states criteria, both the boys and girls swimming programs had at least a 3.0gpa, but they did not meet the minimum roster requirement, so I cannot nominate either one of them.

The football team cannot be nominated based on the fact that they are independent and do not play for the State Championship, but again if they did, I could nominate them since they too had a minimum of a team 3.0gpa.

Here are the results of the team GPA’s from all the Fall Sports. I have listed the top student athlete with their grade and of course their GPA."

Team GPA Team Individual Highest GPA
3.6 Swimming Girls Samantha Presti-10th 3.538
3.491 Cross Country Boys Maxwell Leu-12th 4
John Marcano-11th 4
3.365 Cross Country Girls Ashley Wegelewski-11th 4
3.198 Golf Girls Karen Wetzel-11th 4
3.186 Volleyball Mary Kathleen O'Leary-10th 3.778
3.165 Football Daniel Culumber 4
Jordan Watkins 4
3.039 Cheerleading Lyndsay Marone-12th 3.81
3.034 Swimming Boys Patrick Huot 3.563
2.93 Golf Boys Logan Jones-10th 4

Thank you in advance for your support of our Student Athletes,

Steve Ripley
Athletic Director

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