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The RAMS are going to State Finals!


The Rams are going to the State Finals!
On Saturday November 2, the John Carroll Men's Cross Country team placed third in the Region 4-1A cross country championship hosted at Westminster Academy. The team has now qualified for the State Championship meet in Tallahassee, Florida this Saturday. Our last trip to the state finals was in 2009. The following team members will represent John Carroll.
Tommy Ageeb, Max Leu, CJ Robertson, John Marcano, Scott Morgan, Johnny Zorc, Luke Baxley, and Santiago Garcia-Bahamonde.

Name Race Time Race place Team Place
Scott Morgan v 18:31 17 1
Christopher Robertson v 18:53 22 2
Luke Baxley v 19:02 26 3
John Marcano v 19:46 40 4
Santi Garcia v 19:47 41 5
John Zorc v 20:54 57 6
Tommy Ageeb v 20:55 58 7

Region 3rd place 109 pts

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