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This is a reminder of your iPad policies:
1. NO GAME APPS are allowed on your iPad unless it is for academic purposes. If it is for the purpose of academics, that means your instructor has given you specific instructions to download a particular app. ALL other game apps are prohibited and will carry a penalty whether a detention, fine or both.
2. NO SOCIAL MEDIA APPS are allowed on your iPads. If you go on a social media site it must be through your own personal internet service provider off campus. If a social media app is uploaded to your iPad, an email is sent to our IT Department and a detention, fine or both will be given for the violation.
3. TAKE YOUR PICTURE and put it on your lock screen wallpaper so your iPad can be identified to you if it is lost.
4. LAST BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST: You have exams next week. Get plenty of rest this weekend, eat right, and prepare for your exams.
I am praying you all prepare well this weekend in mind, body and spirit; and I wish you all a wonderful Christmas Break.
God bless you,

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