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FHSAA Spring Sport Nominees


The FHSAA Academic Team Champion Program allows schools to nominate sports teams that have a minimum of a 3.0 unweight GPA. This year JCHS was able to nominate 6 spring sports teams. The girls’ track team qualified as well, but did not reach the minimum numbers of participants on the roster.
This school year 19 of 21 varsity teams have maintained a minimum of a 3.0 GPA. Congratulations on this tremendous accomplishment!
Listed below are the spring sports teams with the teams averaged GPA and the top student with his/her GPA.
Spring Sports

Team Team GPA Individual Highest GPA
Boys Tennis 3.613 Brandon Goldstein-11 4
Logan Jones-10 4
Girls Track & Field 3.54 Stephanie Ageeb-9 4
Girls Lacrosse 3.488 Jordan Puskas-Sullivan 11 4
Boys Track 3.291 John Marcano 11 4
Boys Lacrosse 3.276 Benjamin Santangelo 10 4
Girls Tennis 3.108 Mary Kathleen O'Leary 10 3.8
Baseball 3.037 Paul Gonzalez 11 4
Jordan Watkins 11 4
Softball 2.875 Kathleen O'Neill 3.909

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