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Senior Exam Schedule



Senior exams will be administered in a central location by period. Exams will be given in the cafeteria and will be proctored very closely. The schedule will be as follows:

May 12, Monday 9:08 – 9:53 1st period exams

9:57 – 10:42 2nd period exams

May 13, Tuesday 9:08 – 9:53 3rd period exams

9:57 – 10:42 4th period exams

May 14, Wednesday 9:08 – 9:53 5th period exams

9:57 – 10:42 6th period exams

May 15, Thursday 9:08 – 9:53 7th period exams

9:57 – 10:42 Make up exams & conflicts

Please inform your seniors of the dates and times of their exams.

(Mrs. Tobin is showing a PowerPoint detailing the procedure to all seniors in advance.)

Teachers: Please adhere to the following procedures:

1. Quarter grades for all seniors should be verified by 8AM Friday, May 9th.

2. Exam grades for those seniors who are exempt from the actual test will be

the average of their 3rd and 4th quarter grades. Teachers will average the

two quarters and enter that average as the exam grade. These grades are also due on or before Friday, May 9th.

3. Exam grades for test takers are due by 3 PM in the guidance office on Friday, May 16th.

4. Teachers must submit exams to Mrs. Easom at least 2 days in advance of each period’s testing time. In a folder marked with your name, course name, and the period, please include the exam(s) and all materials needed by the student(s) to complete the test – for example, scantrons, special charts, etc. Have student(s) name(s) on each test, scantron, etc. Have any special instructions attached to the exam. If you are using Mastery Connect, please see Mrs. Tobin.

By 3 PM Wednesday, May 7th, please submit a period by period list of all of

your seniors who will be taking an exam.

5. Teachers who have classes made up of only seniors will be needed in the

cafeteria to help proctor the tests those periods. Please indicate the period(s)

you are available.

6. SENIORS MUST BE IN FULL DRESS CODE. They are to arrive only

in time for their exam(s) and are to leave immediately following their

testing period(s). Their cell phones will be kept at the check-in table.

7. Please take care of all textbook issues before the exam. We will NOT be

collecting books or book fees in the exam period(s). I REPEAT . . .

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