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Items of interest from Mark Greene


 Parent overview sheet 2014-2015.pdf

Dear Parents,
We are excited to begin the 2014-2015 school year. Everyone has worked hard over the summer to make the students return enjoyable.
As we begin next week, I want to take a moment to bring a few items of interest to your attention.
The attached sheet is an information overview of the student handbook, which we encourage you and your student to read thoroughly, as well as some important dates to come.
As your student purchases their shorts/pants for the new school year, please be aware that the shorts are to be no shorter than 2 Ĺ inches from the knee and are not tight. We will be strict on the tightness and length of shorts this year. Some places to purchase the proper shorts/pants are JCPenny, Old Navy, SAMís club in Vero, American Eagle, and JCrew. If there is any doubt about the tightness or length of shorts or pants purchased, then please call the school office and ask for Mr. Greene, X-119.
We anticipate a great start to the school year and if there is anything I can do for you then please let me know.
God bless you,
Mr. Greene
Student Affairs Director
John Carroll Catholic High School

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