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 2014 Lunch Menu.pdf

John Carroll High School Jon Toler Café Menu
Weekly Specials:
Monday - Chicken tenders or nuggets $2.50
Tuesday – Moonswiners (formally known as Dales BBQ) $3.75
Wednesday - Chick-Fil-A sandwiches $4 or $5 meal with tea and chips/ cookies
Thursday – Chicken Casserole $2.50

Friday – Big Apple Pizza $1.50
Available Everyday:
Fresh made salads $2.50
Fresh Soups (2 daily) $1.75
Peanut butter and jelly $1.50
All Beef Hot Dogs $1.50
Additional options:
Deli Roasted Chicken and Cheese sandwiches $2.50
Deli Ham and Cheese sandwiches $2.50
Chicken salad sandwiches with pecans $3.00
Tuna salad sandwiches $3.00
Egg Salad sandwiches $2.00
Assorted snacks:
Chips, cookies, crackers, bagels, fruit, muffins, goldfish, pretzels, pita chips and hummus
Chocolate milk $1.50
Sodas and water $1.00
Arizona Iced Tea and fresh brewed sweet tea $1.25
Orange and Apple Juice $.75
V8 Splash $1.50

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