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JCHS staff is growing deeper in its faith


Thanks to the Diocese of Palm Beach, John Carroll faculty and staff will be taking part in the program, “Going Deeper,” which is a groundbreaking online platform currently being used by over 100 Catholic schools that provides top-level professional development and inspiration for Catholic teacher formation. The aim of the platform is to inspire Catholic teachers to fulfill their noble vocation within the great mission of Catholic education. The website offers high-quality weekly videos and support documents for schools that are suited for staff meetings, staff prayer or individual reflection. In addition to watching the weekly videos covering various topics from our Catholic Faith and Traditions, the JCHS staff will use personal reflection sheets to work through the topic of the week. Mr. Hopper has also offered to have discussion sessions each week as the work together to grow spiritually and become even “better versions of yourselves.” God has great things in store for us and John Carroll!

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