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Fundraiser to benefit Mr. C on February 17th!


Mr. Joseph Colarossi has worked at John Carroll High School for a total of 11 years. He proudly serves as a religion teacher, Campus Minister, and mentor to students. “I am humbled by the love and prayers… thank you and God Bless.”

Mr. Colarossi was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2012 and had his first surgery that October to remove his thyroid and cancer. This procedure was then followed by two radioactive iodine treatments within six months of one another for the purpose of removing the rest of the cancer. Unfortunately, the treatments didn’t work.

A second surgery was performed in January 2015 to remove the remaining thyroid tissue and cancer cells, during which doctors realized the cancer had spread to additional lymph nodes. At this point, Mr. Colarossi will undergo external beam radiation treatments at SHANDS in Gainesville. These treatments will be given twice a day beginning February 23rd for a total of six weeks. Mr. C’s goal is to be strong enough to come home each weekend.

The funds raised from this event will help with costs associated with the treatments and the financial strain the doctors’ appointments have put on John Carroll’s beloved Mr. C.

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