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Since we have been focusing on Generosity this quarter, here is an idea for lent. Lent is always about giving up something to help us focus more on our sacrifice to the Lord.

This year, instead of given up, maybe we could concentrate on giving back. Generosity is about giving and not expecting anything in return. This Lenten season, each day of the 40 days, you could do something to be generous to someone else. The impact of this entire campus, both student and faculty alike, giving back for 40 days, could revolutionize our way of thinking and doing for others.

Some practical and yet beneficial ways of being generous:

• Compliment 5 people you don’t know that well today, in person.

• Write to a person who has been made fun of, or hurt via the internet, and praise them in some way. It doesn’t have to be someone you know.

• Tell your parents/mentors/teachers you love them and tell them one thing you have learned from them.

• Send out an e-mail or text to someone you rarely communicate with, encouraging them.

• Give someone your undivided attention, leaving your smart phone off.

• Do chores for someone who is having a rough time, or going through a bad situation.

• Pray for someone and write them an anonymous note letting them know.

• Make a card for someone, use crayons or markers to bring out your inner child.

• Look someone in the eyes and tell them you appreciate them.

• The next thing someone compliments you on (‘Oh I love your earrings!’) just give that item to them.

• Babysit for free for some stressed out parents. Let them have a date night or even just a night to get things done kid-free!

• Invite someone new in town or to school to hang with you and your friends.

• Take a walk with someone and genuinely listen to how they are doing.

• Skype or FaceTime a long distance friend or family member.

• Forgive someone who has hurt you. Let them know.

• Bring in one or a couple of shopping carts from the parking lot when going into a store.

• Clean up or pick up after yourself at home or in the cafeteria at school..

• Look for the obvious every single day to do something generous for someone and then do it!

Have a blessed Lenten season!

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