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John Carroll High School is seeking to fill the position of a Resource Teacher


John Carroll High School is seeking to fill the position of a resource teacher. This employee is responsible for providing curriculum support systems for students, teachers, and administrators. Qualifications include a valid teacher certificate, minimum of 3 years successful teaching experience, and specialized training related to the position. Duties of this position include but are not limited to:

I. Planning:

A. Assisting with the implementation of programs and follow up insuring consistency with the school's educational mission.

B. Continuing professional growth through participation in defined professional growth opportunities.

C. Working with staff for the purpose of planning and developing appropriate instruction.

D. Facilitating and/or attending related meetings.

II. Providing Support:

A. Providing training/coaching to others.

B. Assisting with the selection and production of instructional materials and appropriate supplementary supplies.

C. Modeling appropriate classroom strategies.

D. Working with groups of students.

III. Communicating:

A. Communicating/Coordinating the educational efforts of the resource teacher and the classroom teachers.

B. Demonstrating effective communication skills.

C. Modeling appropriate communication skills and tools matched to the needs of various audiences and purposes.

D. Creating and providing timelines, calendars and schedules.

IV. Reporting

A. Completing appropriate reports.

B. Providing an analysis of students performance data. C. Providing an analysis of program effectiveness.

V. Other Responsibilities:

A. As assigned by his/her immediate supervisor

Please contact Mr. Hopper at John Carroll High School by emailing or calling (772) 464-5200, extension 114. The school will be accepting applications through March 20, 2015.

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