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Purchasing iPads


Dear Parents,

As we approach the end of the second year in which we have been 1:1 with iPads, we have decided to upgrade our current iPads to the latest iPad Air 2. We are very pleased with what the iPad has done for our teachers and students, and we look forward to seeing even more integration in the years ahead. In order to facilitate the refresh program, we are offering your current student the opportunity to purchase his/her iPad (4th generation), the charging cable and plug, and the otterbox case for $250.00. All items in this offer are AS IS, and the iPad will not have Apple Care protection. If you are going to purchase the iPad, please send a check for $250 to the school. The iPads will be collect d from the students once they have completed the exams. If you purchase the iPad, we will return it to the stunt once it has been removed from our mobile management system. The purchased iPad becomes your personal property and cannot be used as the school device next year. Any iPads not purchased before the end of the school year will be collected. The new iPads will be issued to students enrolled for the 2015-2016 school year in August. If y have any questions, pleas contact Mr. Trefelner or Mr. Wells at 772-464-5200.


Ben C. Hopper

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