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Important JCHS Information for 2017-2018 School Year


The House System:
The House system was created for the purpose to build school spirit and build more social interaction between students at John Carroll. Each student is placed in a house upon arriving at John Carroll and will remain there until they graduate. At the beginning of 2017-2018, new house members will have the opportunity to order their shirts at a cost of $15. Points are given throughout the year in the area of academics, fan participation, club participation, and random acts of kindness.
The four houses are:
St. Francis
St. Clare
St. Dominic
Mother Teresa

Student Parking and Permits:
Student parking permits for the 2017-2018 are now available from Mr. Greene in the front office. The cost is $20.

Cashless Detention System 2017-2018:
For the 2017-2018 school year, John Carroll will implement a cashless detention system. The students who receive fines for detention will pay through their lunch accounts (RenWeb). This also includes forgotten ID’s that will remain a cost of $5 to replace if the student does not have his/her school ID present.
The detention fine system includes:
• Student ID: $5
• Hour detention: $2
• Gum Fine: 1st and 2nd - $5; 3rd - $10; 4 or more - $25 each
• Cell Phone confiscation: $15
• Saturday detention: $15

Cafeteria Cleanliness:
Parents, please encourage your student before they begin fall classes the importance of cafeteria cleanness and to clean up after themselves. Café cleanliness this past year was poor at best, and we expect better from our students. Please remind your student that it is their responsibility to clean up after themselves and to keep John Carroll looking its best at all times.

JCHS Dress code and contact information:
Shirt: JCHS issued SunshineWear brand embroidered polo shirt, tucked in at all times
• The JCHS SunshineWear representative is Jessica Gonzalez. You can contact her at 844-419-0100 ext. 1101 or

Pants: Cotton twill chino-style pants or shorts with minimum 9” inseam in navy or khaki
• Shorts should not be more than 2 ½ inches above the knee
• Pants must have a belt loop, and a belt must be worn (No draw string pants, cargo pants/shorts, or skirts)
Best place to buy pants/shorts is Tommy Hilfiger School uniforms,, JCPenney, SAM’S club, LL Bean, J. Crew.
• Tight-fitting shorts/pants are not permitted. If short/pants are deemed too tight, a student has a three strike rule in a semester. Once three strikes are issued, that student must wear pants the remainder of the semester.

Outerwear: All outerwear must be JCHS issued (through Student Affairs or Athletics office)
• A dress code shirt must be worn underneath any type of outerwear

Footwear: Closed-toe shoes or athletic shoes only
• Shoes must have a heel attachment (No sandals, slippers, Sanuks, or Crocs of any type)

Hair and Shaving: Hair styles must reflect a neat and clean appearance
• Male students’ hair must be neatly trimmed on all sides; the length should not exceed the top of the collar , the eyebrows, and the earlobes. Male students may have crew cuts.
• No unconventional, bizarre, or eccentric hairstyles or hair coloring or partial head shaving is permitted
• Male students must be clean shaven. If they are deemed to be unshaven, they must shave in the front office before returning to class.

• Female students may wear only two earrings per ear
• Male students may not wear earrings or have hair accessories
• No excessive jewelry
• No visible tattoos or body piercings are permitted
• Excessive or unusual makeup is not permitted
• No long-sleeve undershirts, leggings, tights, or knee socks may be worn with short-sleeve school shirts or shorts

Student/Staff ID’s:
ALL JCHS students, faculty, and staff are to wear their school identification while on campus during the day. Each student is issued a JCHS ID with lanyard. If the student leaves the ID at home, loses it, or if the ID is compromised, the student will be charged $5 for a new ID. If the student does not have the ID on during the day, the student will be charged with an hour detention.

The final decision of what constitutes acceptable dress and grooming rests with the administration, and the administration reserves the right to make changes at any time. If you have any questions please contact Mr. Greene at

Time Management:
Arriving to school on time is a must. The first bell rings at 7:53 AM, and everyone must be seated in class at the 8:00 AM bell or that student is late. Three excused (note given by a parent within 24 hours of the student being late) is accepted in a quarter. Otherwise, any student not seated in their seat at the 8:00 AM bell is late and will receive a discipline.

The discipline protocol is as follows:
1st infraction: 20 minute detention
2nd infraction: 20 minute detention
3rd infraction: hour detention
4th infraction: 3 hours of detention
5th or more: Saturday detention and $15 fine
This protocol goes with late to class, dress code violations, etc.

Detention Schedules:
Tuesdays and Thursdays: 20 minute detention will take place during first lunch, 11:21 - 11:41 AM. If any student has a 20 minute detention regardless of grade that student will serve the detention first lunch on Tuesday and Thursday in room 211. The student will be able to eat second lunch. If the student misses the detention, that student will have to serve the hour that afternoon.
Hour detention will meet beginning at 2:45 in room 203. There is a $2 fine for hour detentions that will be charged to the students RenWeb lunch account.

Saturday Detention: Saturday detention is scheduled once a month and begins at 8 AM. Saturday detention is a work detention, so students need to wear outside work clothes. Saturday detention charge is $15 and will be charged to the students RenWeb lunch account.
Saturday detention schedule is as follows: (other Saturdays can be added if needed.)
Saturday, September 23rd
Saturday, October 28th
Saturday, December 9th
Saturday, January 13th
Saturday, February 10th
Saturday, March 10th
Saturday, April 14th
Saturday, May 5th
Saturday, June 2nd

Cell Phone Policy:
Cell phones should not be turned on, visible, or used at all during the school day. (The school day is defined as the period between 7:53 AM and 2:41 PM.) They must be either locked in the student’s locker or locked in the student’s vehicle. Any infraction (phone calls, texting, picture taking, etc.) of the above stipulations will result in immediate confiscation of the phone and the following penalties:
1st offense - $15 and Saturday detention
2nd Offense - $15, a Saturday detention, and parent
retrieves phone
3rd or any further offenses - $25, 1/2 day in-school
suspension, and parent retrieves phone
Students may not be called to the phone during the day except in emergencies. Students may use the school phone for school activities with permission of the club moderator.

Final Exams in the Spring of 2018:
There will not be an option in the 2017-2018 school year to opt out of exams in the spring. ALL underclassmen
(Grade 9, 10, 11) students will take final exams the last week of school. Senior’s will have an option of not taking final exams (in May) by having a grade of 90 or better for his/her semester 2 average and missing 5 days or less of school for the 2nd semester, excused or unexcused, NO exceptions.

Student Lockers:
Each student will be assigned a locker. Lockers are to be locked at all times with John Carroll issued locks only ($3 used/$5 new, purchased in the front office). Freshmen receive their first lock free of charge.

Athletic lockers in the field house are for athletics only and only a John Carroll issued lock is to be used to lock those lockers. NO academic materials or lunches are to be stored in the field house. The field house will be locked when not in use; therefore, all materials students need during the day must be in their academic locker. NO tape or writing is to be on any lockers.

Facilities Use:
All facility use bookings go through The Office of Operations and is placed on the main google calendar on the John Carroll website when booked. If you need a room at John Carroll, please email with the date, time, and event so it can be approved and scheduled.

JCHS purchases:
Any purchases made on behalf of John Carroll High School MUST go through administration whether for athletics, clubs, activities, fundraisers, etc. There is a purchase order process that MUST be adhered too. Any non-authorized purchases on behalf of John Carroll High School will result in the purchaser being responsible for the purchase.

Any scheduled fundraiser must be submitted in writing using the official JCHS fundraiser form. Please allow time for your desired fundraiser to be approved through the Offices of Institutional Advancement, Operations, Athletics, and Principal. Please email for a form.

Outside Lunch delivery for Students:
NO outside lunches can be delivered on campus from restaurants or from anyone but a parent. NO person can have lunch with students at John Carroll High School beside a student’s parent.

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