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Announcement from Diocese Regarding Hurricane Irma


Dear Diocese of Palm Beach School Families,

Thank you to all of our school communities for their cooperation and assistance during Hurricane Irma. Our schools sustained some minimal damage and, overall, our part of the state was spared from widespread, major damage. We pray for all those who were impacted by both Harvey, Irma and Maria. I am grateful to all employees of the diocese and the many workers who assisted in the process of reopening our schools following the storm.

The Diocese of Palm Beach Office of Catholic Schools reviewed the status of all diocesan schools to determine if it were necessary to make up any missed school days. At this time, all of our schools are within the state requirements of 180 school days or the equivalent (900 instructional hours for middle and high schools AND no less than 170 days). All schools in the Diocese of Palm Beach meet the requirements based on the equivalent time. Thus, it will not be necessary to schedule make-up days at this time. Children enrolled in the VPK programs in some of our schools may need to have instructional time added to the current schedule of days to make up for time missed; however, this will be determined by the school administrator as needed.

Should any of our schools need to close during the remainder of the school year, for any reason, such as another hurricane or some unforeseen power or water outage, it is most likely that some instructional days would need to be added to the calendar.

Gary Gelo

Superintendent of Schools

Diocese of Palm Beach

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