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Hearing and VIsion Screening Update


Dear Parents and Guardians,

As was previously announced on our website, on Wednesday, November 29, 2017, we performed hearing and vision screenings all freshmen and all other students new to John Carroll this year who were in attendance on that day, in accordance with state requirements. If you do not receive a letter with a copy of the screening results, your child passed both vision and hearing screenings.

We were fortunate to have wonderful volunteers complete the screening procedures for our students. One of our parents, Mrs. Sue Breslaw, performed the hearing screenings with a machine donated to us by Mrs. Barbara Allen of Associated Coastal ENT. A John Carroll graduate, Dr. Carl Pizzarello from the Walmart Vision Center in St. Lucie West, performed the vision screenings. Another parent, Mrs. Denise Kenney, served as overseer of the entire process. We are blessed to have such wonderful and dedicated volunteers, and we thank them for their assistance in these very important screenings.

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