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Incoming Freshman Enrollment Update


 February 1, 2018: Decision Letters Mailed
Receive decision letter from JCHS regarding acceptance (for those that took the December 2 test). Included will be a copy of a tentative classes, test results, and steps for Online Enrollment.

 February 26, 2018: Freshman Registration Night
Complete Online Enrollment, turn in birth certificate, immunization records, copy of social security card, and pay $750 registration fee.

Algebra Placemen Test:
Saint Joseph, Saint Anastasia, and Saint Helen’s students take the Algebra Placement Test as their final exam at their respective school in May. JCHS will test all other students May 12 at 9 AM who have already taken Algebra I for high school credit in 8th grade. Those testing must RSVP to

If students are currently taking Pre-algebra, then the child will get placed into Algebra 1 and taking the Algebra Placement Test is not necessary.
In addition, there will be an “Algebra Boot Camp” offered by Mrs. Shevak for students who took Algebra I in 8th grade. This camp will be offered the first week of August.
Spanish Placement Test:
Students who take Spanish I in 8th grade, take the Spanish Placement Test at JCHS, and if they do well, they can take Spanish II Honors. If they score average, they will take Spanish II Academic. The JCHS Spanish Placement Test will be May 5th at 9 AM (please RSVP to

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