2017-2018 Parent Volunteer Opportunities & Sign-Up Sheet

Please decide which of your talents you will share with JCHS this year by selecting from the volunteer opportunities below. Once you have completed the form, you will be contacted by the Parent's Guild or the Institutional Advancement office prior to the date of the event.

If you pay for your son's or daughter's tuition twice a year, you are required to complete 5 service hours per year; if you pay tuition monthly, you must do 10 service hours per year. It is required that 5 of the volunteer hours be completed the first semester of school. If you pay your student's tuition in full, you are not required to do service hours, although we strongly encourage you to get involved. Please print your information below.

First Hour Representative
Office Support
Sell Parents' Guild Merchandise
Lunch Room (Daily 11 AM - 12:30 PM)
Mega Drawing (September 1, 2017 - October 27, 2017)
Open House (October 27, 2017)
Homecoming Alumni Celebration (October 27, 2017)
Poinsettia Sales (November 8 - 30, 2017)
Grandparents' Mass & Reception (December 8, 2017)
Golf Tournament (April 28, 2018)
Freshman Information Night
Baccalaureate Reception (May 17, 2018)
Teacher Appreciation Week (May 7 - 11, 2018)
Project Graduation (May 19, 2018)
2018 Annual Gala (February 3, 2018)
Quarterly Lunches for Faculty and Staff
* October 13, 2017 (Senior Parents)

* November 15, 2017 (Junior Parents)

* March 14, 2018 (Sophomore Parents)

*May 9, 2018 (Freshman Parents)

Other ways you can volunteer are through our Athletic Department. Please contact Nancy Hopper, Athletic Director, at NHopper@JohnCarrollHigh.com.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Katherine Stanton at KStanton@JohnCarrollHigh.com or 772-464-5200.

Food and Drink Donation Values: 1 service hour should equal about $30.


  1. Go to RenWeb.com (or www.JohnCarrollHigh.com and click on RenWeb at the bottom left corner of the website)
  1. Once on RenWeb and logged in, click on ParentsWeb on the right side of the screen
  1. Then find your name in the drop down box above Parent Login towards the bottom of the screen
  1. Once you are taken to the next screen click on the Family Information tab at the bottom of the left menu
  1. You should then see a tab at the top that says Service Hours. This is where you plug in your hours, description, notes, and JCHS Staff Member or Coach who can verify your work.
    • Parents will be billed in May if they have not completed the service hours.
    • Service hours only need to be completed per family not per parent
    • If you donated items or time through the Parent's Guild (through Mrs. Trefelner or Mrs. Stanton) please choose the Department of Institutional Advancement when asked where you donated your items or time.
    • Renweb District Code: JC-FL

The Sign Up Genius system allows parents to enter the volunteer information that they are interested in completing. This system is free and will be utilized throughout the year. Parents are responsible for remembering what events they sign up for throughout the year, how many service hours it qualifies for, and for logging those hours on RenWeb before the end of the school year.

The John Carroll High School Parents' Guild mission is to promote volunteerism and to work to provide funds to support the school for the benefit of all the students. The group's mission is to offer their talents to provide help with activities as needed throughout the school, including promoting communication between parents and staff, raising funds in support of Catholic education and resources for the staff, and enhancing the school community spirit through activities.