Parents’ Society

The Parents’ Society meets monthly with special guest speakers and breakfast. The Parents’ Society supports the school as ambassadors, event volunteers, hosts faculty luncheons and so much more. Every John Carroll parent is a member. Please contact Society Liaison Jayne Platts at with any questions.

Kate Priest, president:

Karina Priest, president:

Tracie MacDonald, vice president:

Treasurer: Vacant – Contact Jayne Platts if interested at

Sarona Hazelton, secretary:

Jayne Platts, school liaison: 

2020-21 meetings and class-sponsored faculty lunches:

Sept. 11: Principal Corey Heroux 

Sept. 16: Class-sponsored thank you event (seniors)

Oct. 14:  Class-sponsored faculty thank you event (juniors)

Oct. 26: Athletic Director Mickey Groody

Nov. 13: Director of Student Affairs Mike Bryk

Jan. 8: School Resource Officer Master Deputy Jon Horowitz

Feb. 10: Class-sponsored faculty lunch (sophomores)

Feb. 18: Director of Campus Ministry Jennie Capezza

March 25: Learning Resource Teacher Jeannie Christopher 

April 14: Class-sponsored faculty lunch (freshmen)

April 22: Principal Corey Heroux

Parent volunteer hour opportunities:

  • Attend Parents’ Society meetings
  • Assisting in the cafeteria during lunch (
  • 2021 Golf Tournament: May 1 at 7:30 a.m. at St. Lucie Trail Golf Club

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Adopt-a-Class Program

Thank you to our amazing families and businesses who have supported this program in 2019-20! 

  • Gulfstream Urology Associates, P.A.
  • Capraro Family
  • Carlon Family (two)
  • Live Like Cole Foundation
  • Marone Family
  • Gunther Family
  • Cat Hospital of Vero Beach
  • Soegaard Family
  • Robin Kimmelman
  • Class 1010/O’Leary Family
  • Purnell Enterprises, Inc. (two)
  • Rainis Family
  • Aydelotte Family
  • Boyd Family
  • Priest Family
  • Zambigadis Family (two)
  • Post Insurance
  • Miller Family
  • Harpring Family
  • CaribSea Inc.
  • Segovia-Palacios Family
  • Gilooly Family