Service Opportunities

We are called to serve!  All John Carroll students are required to give of their time and talents to serve God and His Church within their families, parishes and communities. Each student is expected to record at least 25 service hours per year as a requirement in their Religion class. John Carroll partners with local parishes and service organizations to provide opportunities for service and is proud of the humility and love that students share with their communities. John Carroll High School does not operate or control the locations where students choose to perform community service and consequently the school, its agents, and affiliates do not assume responsibility for any injuries, damages, or losses incurred in the course of performing these services in the community. Students perform these services at their own risk.  
Pope Francis said, “Whatever you do, do not become the sorry sight of an abandoned vehicle! Don’t be parked cars, but dream freely and make good decisions. Take risks, even if it means making mistakes. Don’t go through life anesthetized or approach the world like tourists. Make a ruckus! Cast out the fears that paralyze you, so that you don’t become young mummies. Live! Give yourselves over to the best of life! Open the door of the cage, go out and fly! Please, don’t take an early retirement.” -Post-synodal Apostolic Exhortation Christus Vivit

Christian Service Hours Program: 

  • CORE service is characterized by giving service person-to-person to someone who is poor, vulnerable, or marginalized in the eyes of society. Examples of CORE service are:
    • Service to the hungry and homeless
    • Companionship for the elderly at homes for the poor
    • Working with people with special needs
    • Volunteering at the Boys & Girls Club 
  • SUPPORT service is work that assists in alleviating suffering in another without being done person-to-person. Examples of SUPPORT service are:
    • Gathering supplies for a pregnancy care center
    • Cross Catholic Outreach Boxes of Joy
    • Making care packages for troops overseas
    • Fundraisers for chronic and terminal diseases nonprofit organizations
  • CHURCH AND SCHOOL service is done to support and enhance the mission of the school and church communities.  Examples of CHURCH and SCHOOL service are:
    • Volunteer at summer camp or bible camp for younger children
    • Participate in club-sponsored service activities 
    • Volunteer at Open House
    • Volunteer at church ministry event

Work done for family members, although constituting Christian service, does not qualify for the John Carroll High Christian School Service Program.

Service Requirements by Grade Level: 

For each grade level, students are required to meet a base standard of hours in each category. However, it is the school’s sincere hope that students begin to see their Christian service as an extension of their personal faith lives and therefore exceed these base requirements.  We challenge all students to find a personal passion for service and respond generously with their time and talents!  


  • CORE: minimum of 5 core hours
  • SUPPORT or CHURCH/SCHOOL: minimum of 20 total hours in either category


  • CORE: minimum of 10 core hours
  • SUPPORT or CHURCH/SCHOOL: total of 15 hours


  • CORE: minimum of 15 hours 10 hours
  • SUPPORT or CHURCH/SCHOOL: total of 10 hours 15 hours


  • CORE: minimum of 20 hours 10 hours
  • SUPPORT or CHURCH/SCHOOL: total of 5 hours 15 hours

*No “banking” of service hours to overlap years; but can do it over the summer for the following school year.

Tracking student service hours:
We are using a new student service tracking platform this year called x2VOL. Here is a short tutorial on how to record student service hours. Students also have access to x2VOL via the app on their iPads. 
x2VOL registration directions for students:
  1. Go to and click JOIN.
  2. Type in your School Name and click Search.
  3. Type in your Last Name and Student ID.
  4. Enter the remaining profile fields.
  5. Set your interests and skills and click proceed.
  6. Set a password, select your group and check the required boxes to complete your registration.
  7. Login and view your Dashboard.

x2VOL Student Registration and Training Guide

If you have questions regarding tracking student service hours, please contact Mrs. Capezza at [email protected]